San Diego Surfing Sunset Drone Video Captured in 4K

It is an amazing time in San Diego, California. The golden beaches of San Diego are mesmerizing and will make you forget the very concept of urbanism. The beaches are known for its surfing activities, but what is covered in the drone is beyond surrealism.

San Diego Surfing Sunset

This San Diego drone video is taken during the very beautiful time of the sunset.

San Diego beaches can be just the synonym to “phenomenal” and indescribable gorgeousness.  The drone captures the gushing white waves as it moves in the anti-direction of the tide. The colors that can be viewed in the background are real, and no VFX can match this natural beauty. It is just pure magic as you watch those gleaming shades on the canvas of the horizon. Amidst the beautiful surroundings, there are few surfers enjoying the surrealistic environment. The prodigious beauty of these environs is worth cherishing, and what’s better than surfing in the sea. The Pacific Ocean calls to enjoy its magic, among other elements of nature. The drone camera amazingly captures the picture perfect moment, going step by step, covering everything in its 4K camera. One can actually see the minute detailing while can’t help getting mesmerized by the talismanic pull of the scenery.

Matt Triplow captures the beauty of a golden hour surf session in San Diego California using a Phantom 2 and GoPro HERO 3+ camera. You can feel the beach vibes when you see the rhythm of the ocean cut into the #sunset on the horizon.

As the drone zooms out bringing larger things in the picture, we get to see a humongous sky filled with shades of gold and amber. The heavens are just captivating, and it seems that’s where heaven starts. The surfers are making a splash in the sea during the high tide and it’s very adventurous. The amazing ball of fire, the sun, shines with its full evening glory which reflects on the golden colored water. The senses are just stuck; as the ocean throws open a gigantic gush of vibe that makes one forget everything else. The drone video footage played its part beautifully because the scenes cannot be captured better than this.

After watching this amazing piece of sunset, that San Diego beach is sure to get a lot of tourists.


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