Buying a Drone as a Gift

The new gadget that is on everyone's birthday and holiday wish list is: the drone. They are fun, versatile, and can be used in as many ways as your imagination can come up with. But they are so new, how do you figure out which drone is the best one for your loved one? What's the criteria for drone shopping? Despair not eager shopper, as here we have some great tips to help you pick the perfect drone for your loved one that will make you the most popular guest at the party.

Consider the Application

Who are you buying the drone for, and what will they be using it for? Different drones have different features and you will need to do some research on the best fit for the application on this one. If they want to take a hand at photography or videography you might want to get them some extra add ones that would help with angles and stabilization during flight.

Height and Speed

Again this applies to the application and who you are buying the drone for. If it for a professional adult then high speeds and high altitude might just be right up their street. However, if you are buying the drone for a child then speed is something you want to keep to a minimum, and the same goes for height. Otherwise you will very quickly learn how easily a drone can get stuck on a roof or in the tree tops.

Battery Life

          Battery life is an important consideration no matter who the drone is for. The last thing you want is for the battery to die in just a few minutes. You should also consider how long it takes for the battery of the drone to charge and whether you can easily carry around replacement batteries as a back up in case of an emergency.

Camera Type

Camera type is definitely something to consider. For instance not all drones have live feed capabilities and depending on what the drone is to be used for, this could be a deal breaker. You can buy add on cameras for these types of drones but they can be quite expensive, so you should make sure that you are getting your moneys worth.

Some drones don't come with a built in camera and need an attachment like a GoPro to be used for any camera action.


Design can be a novel or practical issue. There are more and more creative designs being implemented for drones. For practical use they allow for more controlled and balanced flight. However if you are willing to spend the cash, you can get drone that look like space craft or even Stars Wars memorabilia. Cool design can help to make the drone feel more personal and younger users might find these much more entertaining.

The important thing for drones is to really take the time and do your research. Whoever you are buying the drone for, you should try to adhere to their tastes. Remember that drones are expensive pieces of equipment so all the time you spend finding the right one, will be worth it in the end.


Carter is a lead product reviewer and content producer at LemonDrone. Send him products to test or content to publish via the Facebook page!

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