Drone Safety Tips

Drones are a great new way for capturing exceptional and otherwise impossible angles for video and still photographs. The boundaries are still being explored and drones have become more and more popular with wedding and events photographers and videographers.

They are an awesome tool to use to make your art really stand out, but they can also be dangerous. Get distracted while using a drone or go a little too hard on the throttle and you can really hurt someone. Here are some great tips to help you stay safe while using drones to shoot videos and take photographs.


Always get permission from land owners to fly your drone, otherwise you can get into some serious trouble. If you are in a public space, you may need to obtain special permission in order to do so, but it is always worth your while. If you aren't sure if you are on private or public property, do your research and find out. There are regulations in place to protect privacy and safety and any violations can lead to hefty fines or even arrest.

Wide Open Spaces

Make sure you are using your drone in a wide open space, preferably with little to no trees. Make sure you are aware of any buildings, people, or vegetation around you before you take off. It is very easy to get your drone stuck in the treetops or on top of someone's roof, and they probably won't take kindly to you climbing their gutter to get it back.

Check Wind

You will also need to make sure that the wind speed is right before setting off. A good gust of wind can leave you with a lost drone, a trashed drone, or could throw your drone on top of a person or an animal. You need to aware of how your drone is affected by the wind constantly and bring it down the second it starts to go off course.

Battery Check

Battery checks are also essential. You should always have a fully charged battery for your drone on any kind of a flight. A drone that suddenly drops out of the air can cause a lot of damage to people and property, and it just isn't worth the hassle.


There are individual county regulations for public shows like fireworks, and you need to do your research and find out what rules you should be following. In general there is a rule that you are not allowed to fly your drone above 400ft and it should always be in your line of sight. This rules out night time firework shows. However if you choose to fly your drone through fireworks it is crucial that you are aware of the obstacles. Knocking a firework out of the air or catching your drone on fire could spell disaster for a lot of people watching the show.

Always check local regulations and get permission before using your drone. Safety is always a bigger priority than a great picture or video.



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