How To Fly A Quadcopter Drone

Flying a drone can be easily learned but does require some practice. Learning about the all the features and function not only your drone but the controller can perform can quickly have you mastering and maneuvering your drone with ease. This is a simple breakdown of how to perform the basic functions of a drone that will help you get started with flying your drone.

Safety First

Before you even begin to put your drone in flight you will want to ensure that it is ready to fly. Be sure to double check these items before you take your dorne out for a fly.

  • Make sure all batteries are charged, inserted and secure this includes the transmitter battery and the quadcopter battery.
  • Check to makes sure all parts are secure like the propellers. Also check for missing or loose parts.
  • Be sure to find an open space to flyer your drone that allows plenty of room for launching and flights.
  • While flying your drone you will want to ensure the throttle or left stick is also in the down position.
  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • Be Sure to keep a safe distance between yourself and the drone during take off and also keep the drone in your direct sightline.

Getting Your Drone Off The Ground

You will first need to get your drone in the air before you can perform and of the other functions. Practice taking off and landing your drone before you take it for a full flight, this will help you get more comfortable with the controls and functions of your drone. To take off your drone you will simply use the left stick which controls the throttle. Push the left stick up slowly, which will get the propellers going, the drone will begin to lift off the ground. Practice landing the drone by pushing backwards on the left stick which will return it to the ground. You will want to repeat this takeoff and landing function until you are comfortable with how to handle the controls of the drone.

Rolling Your Drone

You can have your drone perform a roll maneuver by holding the right stick to the left or right. This will allow your drone to roll laterally to the left or right. Utilize the aileron controls to help back adjustments to the left and right roll movements.

Pitching Your Drone

To pitch or move your drone forwards or backwards simply hold the right stick forward or backwards. To help control the pitch of your drone utilize the elevator adjustments.

Adjusting The Throttle Of Your Drone

To make your drome up in height you will want to push the left stick of the control forwards. To stop your drone from climbing in altitude you pull the left stick backwards. While your drone is in flight the throttle will be continuously engaged.


Performing a yaw movement is done to allow the drone to perform circles by putting the drone in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. This movement is done when you push the left stick of the controller to the left or right while also making adjustments with the throttle or moving the left stick forwards.

A drone can be a great past time or can also be used to capture some amazing images both still and motion. Knowing how to properly handle and fly your drone will make owning one much more enjoyable. Be sure to know all the regulations of flying a drone in your area prior to making a purchase and do your research so you get the perfect drone to suit what you want to use it for.


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