Drone Video Catches Teenagers Doing Illegal Backflips In Historic Park – MUST WATCH

drone cliff jumping

There is nothing more exciting than having an entire national park to yourself…unless you have a drone to take this kind of drone cliff jumping footage.

Drone Cliff Jumping & National Parks

Last June drones were banned from National Parks, but that didn't stop this group of thrill seekers to drop their clothes and go big. Watching this group of adventure travel lovers huck backflips makes the best of us jealous.

It doesn't just have to be an afternoon adventure either – you can buy a drone and take it on an epic all inclusive vacation to create your own adventure video! With the rise of better airlines and credit card deals, young people are flocking to the best travel destinations with their drones and making videos just like this!

Maybe you're interested in doing backflips….

drone cliff jumping 2

Drones are becoming one of the most exciting new hobbies in America today. When people start planning their travel around the holidays, they often will bring a drone to capture the incredible adventures they could have!

Or maybe just stepping off the side….

drone cliff jumping 2

Some of the most popular companies include DJI and Parrot and are sure to be some of the hottest products during the holiday season. They are expecting millions of new customers in 2016 and DJI is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

When you can make drone videos like this one, it makes you realize why. Until now it was only high paid hollywood studios that could afford this kind of quality!

Or maybe you're just looking to impress your friends…

drone cliff jumping 3

Makes me wish my friends were more adventurous! It's not often that you find so much drone footage in a place like this. Other activities people can do when they visit beautiful national parks like this include camping, swimming and hiking. Sometimes you will stumble upon a really epic spot like this one where you can do a little bit of everything!

This entire video is magic. This is definitely one of the most viral videos of the year!

Make sure you have your speakers up when you play this video. And don't blame me when you want to travel to Europe or Thailand using all your credit card miles 🙂



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