Drone flight: Voltzberg Raleighvallen Suriname 2017

This footage was recorded using only 1 drone during 3 trips of 4 days each to Raleighvallen Nature Park. During all these 3 trips we climbed the Voltzberg to take new footage everytime, where we even managed to cope with rainy and windy weather on top of the mountain during the third trip. The Voltzberg is located at about 8km distance from the main camp at Fungu Island and to get there you travel this distance by foot through the amazing rain forest where you can expect to see anything from beautiful trees, streams, plants and rare but also deadly animals like poisonous snakes.

This film would not be possible without the willingness, patience and cooperation of Celestial Tours Suriname, the participation of the local guides, Steve-O and the willingness to participate by the tour guests on each of the 3 tours. We are very thankful to be part of this opportunity.



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