Flyover Drone Video of Nepal With Phantom 2 = WOW

You are going to witness something more beautiful than Heaven in this Nepal Drone Footage.

Do visualise this Nepal drone video because this is something you must watch.

The beauty is extraordinary in the video. Nepal is looking extravagant in all the forms. One can see the white snow covering the mountains in such a way that looks overwhelming to the eyes. Nepal has never looked as beautiful as this before. And this is made possible only because of the great flying drone that has worked wonderfully capturing every detail of the country. These small and big houses, and the bluish loving sky, everything is looking amazing.

A view to the roof of the world (from Nagarkot, Nepal)

After watching the video, you will understand that why Nepal is the best place to spend your vacations along with your family and the friends. If you're watching this video then for sure you would be thinking to make a tour to this heaven for sure. Everything here is irreplaceable, which can't be compared to anything else in the world. The beauty here is extraordinary. If you don't believe my words, witness by your eyes.

Watch this video yourself and be lost in the beauty of Nepal!

We know before too how much beautiful Nepal is, but we never knew to this extent until the flying drone Phantom2 marked its presence deliberately. At the starting of the video, you would see the whole view of the country, and that moment is the time when you will ask yourself that does such place really exists under the Sun.

The country whole view is looking out of the world, just due to this excellent drone. Do fill your world with so much amazement with this video. If you have ever thought of or planning to visit Nepal, make the trip as soon as possible. But, see this video to acknowledge and feel the moments in a better way.


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