The Top 5 Viral Drone Videos of 2015

Video 1 of 5: Jumping Into The Lake

Behold, the most viral drone videos of 2015. You'll see in this first video, a drone hobbyist from the Netherlands makes us wonder why he is not in a drug rehab clinic based on his risky behavior to save his dying drone. You will not believe the lengths he goes to in order to save this thing!

It's not clear if he is addicted to heroin or cocaine – this guy clearly needs to check into a drug rehab clinic as soon as possible and give us his dream of being a drone pilot. The more I watch, the more I wonder what people like this are doing with their lives. It's mind blowing. Being in Amsterdam makes sense with their drug culture and make sure you watch until the end so that you can see the craziness of this video!



Video 2 of 5: Eagle Takes Out Drone

Watch this eagle come and totally dominate this drone, making it the #2 most viral drone video of 2015. This is not that uncommon with drones anymore, but it's definitely still hilarious.



Video 3 of 5: The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying

I mean. I guess this makes sense?



Video 4 of 5: Chimpanzee Nails Drone That Gets Too Close

This chimpanzee has a zero tolerance policy on drones, drugs and anything that gets in the way of his bananas.



Video 5 of 5: A GoPro Falls From The Sky Into A Crazy Burning Man Party

Imagine being in a raging Burning Man party, infused with crazy amounts of drugs and partying, only to see a GoPro fall from a drone directly into the dance club. Even if you're in rehab, this is worth watching.


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