Watch This Drone Race A Lamborghini Gollardo

I bet you never thought you'd see a Lamborghini racing a drone like this before. We may need to call a car accident lawyer to keep this drag racing under control…but in the meantime enjoy watching these two machines go head to head on the race track!

Drones are increasingly being used for by car accident lawyers to get footage about the crime scene, especially with car tire skids and measuring how fast the car was going. It is truly revolutionizing the car accident business by getting better information for the attorneys.

Make sure you watch the entire video so that you can really see how fast the car goes and ALSO how fast the Inspire 1 drone can move! It's incredible.

Fingers crossed that more people have these sort of controlled experiments and don't risk flipping the car and needing a car accident lawyer.

Keep your eyes on the drone as it races the Lamborghini! These two get going very fast on the highway which could easily require a car accident lawyer if things get out of control 🙂 It's exciting to watch two different forms of technology going head to head.

Drones will eventually be used to help car accidents be a thing of the past, but until then, let's race! Enjoy!


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