UDI U818A Review

You can consider the UDI U818A Quadcopter to be an elder sibling of UDI’s Micro-UFO. This Quadcopter consists of an onboard camera and you can control it through an excellent transmitter of 2.4 GHz. Read the complete UDI U818A review below.

Get to know all the details and specifications of this drone in the UDI U818A review

This drone toy is absolutely perfect for the beginners. Charge the LiPo battery and insert the AA batteries into the controller. Once you charge it completely, you will get an alert with the help of a green light. The transmitter displays the mode that you are working on (Mode 1, Mode2) along with the camera settings, battery life and throttle settings.

UDI U818A review

The mini camera of the Quadcopter consists of 640*480 pixels. The box comes along with a small screwdriver, a battery charger, 4 backup propellers and a USB connector to upload the images.

Once you have set up the drone and the battery is fully charged, make sure to read the manual or guideline before you proceed with the flying. It is best recommended to use the Quadcopter in a widely open area such as a ground or a lawn. Do not fly outside, if the wind persists. Because it is a light weighted object, it can lose its stability easily.

When you record a video, keep in mind that you are recording only the video, and not the audio. It is extremely easy to capture a video or image and it is easier to view them. You can connect the USB available to a computer and laptop for transferring the captured images and recordings.

One of the attractive features of UDI U818A is the 360-degree action movement. Whenever your Quadcopter is at 10 feet high or above in the air, you can press the 360-degree button. It will help the drone to make a flip in the air automatically.


  • Affordable
  • Easy and safe to fly
  • Quick flip movements


  • Short battery
  • Lightweight


UDI U818A is the best drone for aspiring flyers who want to control the flight themselves and also want to capture a video on a low budget.


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